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Birling Consulting Ltd was founded by Graham P Smith CEng FCIBSE MInstMC in 2010 to provide a range of consultancy services, primarily associated with building performance and in particular low carbon/energy efficient building services, their control  and controllability.


Birling Systems Design Ltd has now ceased trading , due to my cancer, thanks to all clients and colleagues for their support over the years.


I will endeavour to maintain the website and guidance for a few months as some of it, particularly controllability, is not available elsewhere and IMHO is the primary cause of poor building performance in many instances.


We often work with other organisations to improve system design to avoid potential problems and improve efficiency of operation, we also frequently assist in resolving existing issues and providing expert reports.


The controllability of building services is frequently poorly understood and there is very little guidance available to assist in the design of controllable systems and resolution of problems with existing systems. Often the true cause of poor building performance is not correctly identified which can result in ongoing issues and contractual disputes. 


Graham has over thirty years relevant experience of the design of energy efficient and controllable services for buildings. He has also been involved with resolution of building performance issues ranging from optimisation of BMS operation through to the redesign of the services to ensure stable, reliable, energy efficient operation.


Graham has also been involved in the development and dissemination of guidance for BRECSU, ETSU, CIBSE, the Carbon Trust, etc. including Technical Advisor and Principal Author/Contributor for CIBSE Guide F Energy Efficiency in Buildings and contributing author CIBSE AM15 Biomass Heating.


We work with building owners and their advisors/agents, other consultants, contractors, manufacturers, etc. A high proportion of our business is in association with other consultants to enhance their capabilities and strengthen their in-house skills.


Recent clients include Atkins, BSE3D, BSRIA, the Carbon Trust, CIBSE, C3Resources, Hazelvine, Mitie, NG Bailey, Services Design Solution and Waide/Leonardo. We also have experience of working for manufacturers and systems integrators to optimise control strategies and product design.

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