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Building Performance

There are many factors necessary to achieve satisfactory building performance with comfortable, stable, well controlled and energy efficient operation.


The performance gap is a recent theme, trying to resolve the difference between calculated and actual building performance. This is normallly quoted in terms of energy performance, but there are many other aspects that need to be considered to ensure occupant satisfaction and energy efficiency.


The performance gap has been highlighted in recent years due to legislation (Building Regulations, Part L, etc.) requiring lower carbon emmissions and improved efficiency. Unfortunately this has lead to a lot of tick box engineering without a full understanding of the issues.


Renewables have significant potential to reduce carbon emmissions, some, such as solar PV, are relatively straightforward to implement and are normally very sucessful. Others, in particular Biomass, are far more difficult to implement sucessfully and there are numerous examples of poor performance and systems being switched off. 


There are a number of initiatives being implemented to reduce the performance gap. However, increased monitoring of results will also identify many issues that may be difficult to resolve.


Graham Smith has been involved with the resolution of building performance issues for over thirty years, initially tasked with control problems, which then lead to identification of controllability issues and many other factors associated with building services and building fabric.


Graham has been involved with the getting numerous biomass boiler systems working and was contributing author of CIBSE AM15 Biomass heating.


Research for BRE and others, development of data analysis techniques and involvement in guidance for BRE, BSRIA, Carbon Trust, CIBSE, etc. plus over 30 years practical experience in system design and resolution of performance issues has lead to a unique blend of experience that can assist you to design, install, commission and manage buildings, or resolve issues with underperforming buildings.

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