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Controllability Solutions

New Designs:


Solutions are normally relatively simple and often zero, or low, cost provided they are incorporated into the initial design.


Keep it Simple - Over complex systems are normally poorly understood by maintenance staff, and even if systems work initially they still need to work effectively in ten years time when those who understand their operation may not be available.


We endeavour to simplify systems to provide robust solutions that are as energy efficient, or better, than more complex solutions. This cannot always be achieved and may not be appropriate for large complex buildings and we have designed some very complex solutions, but not without trying to simplify operating principles first.

Existing Installations:


Solutions can range from very simple hydraulic modifications through to major redesign of the services dependent upon the problems encountered and the existing system design.


Sometimes the ideal solution is too expensive, or impracticable, but a low cost alternative is possible providing most of the advantages of an ideal solution at a fraction of the cost.

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