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We have experience of design of energy efficient/low carbon services for a wide range of building types and services plus experience of industrial /manufacturing. We can undertake design and specification through to handover, and beyond, or assist with aspects of design in association with your engineers. We can also independently review designs, undertake project management, assist clients with defining requirements and basis of design, managing design teams, assist main contractors in managing the M&E services, provide ad-hoc advice, etc.


  • Air Conditioning/Comfort Cooling - from packaged systems through to large VAV systems - Graham was co-author of GPG71 Selecting air conditioning systems
  • LTHW, MTHW & Steam - including system design for controllable energy efficient stable operation - Graham was the contract author of GIR40 Heating systems and their control
  • Biomass - including system integration and control strategies to overcome the limitations of many biomass systems. Graham was contributing author for CIBSE AM 15 Biomass heating.
  • Controls/BMS
  • CHP - including system design and control strategies to work with condensing boilers
  • Chillers - selection and system design for controllable energy efficient stable operation - many chillers do not work at their optmum efficiency due to poor hydraulic design and control strategies, these can be easily and cheaply improved at the design stage.
  • District and Community Heating - Graham has had experience of many systems over a thirty year period
  • Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps - products are variable and care must be taken with their selection
  • Heat Recovery - Thermal wheels, plate heat exchangers, etc. Control must be properly integrated for optimum performance
  • VRF/VRV - including heat recovery for HWS, design for controllability, etc.
  • Solar thermal and PV
  • Tri-generation - Experience includes Biomass with CHP and absorbtion chillers.
  • Thermal storage - systems to increase plant utilsation and meet peak loads
  • Variable Flow - Graham was the contact author of GIR41 Variable Flow Control and has over 30 years experience of variable flow systems. Experience includes including methods to reduce overall pumping loads, correct valve sizing, valve selection to minimise capital costs, etc.
Building Types:
  • Airports
  • Custodial
  • Commercial
  • Dwellings - from high end flats to listed houses
  • Data Centres
  • Education - schools and universities
  • Government - from offices to specialist government agencies
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Laboratories
  • Leisure
  • Military - from specialist facilities to accommodation blocks
  • Radio/TV
  • Research, etc.
Experience includes projects throughout the UK, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, Europe, Middle East, Far East, etc.


We have experience of energy saving/low carbon and control works for a number of industries and application, ranging from rice conveying through to river water cooling of a sugar refinery utilising 500kW variable flow pumps.
Works have included development of control strategies, design and specification of control/SCADA systems, energy audits of pharmaceutical works, etc.
Other works have included developing control strategies for water industry applications to reduce energy consumption/carbon emissions of water distribution systems, plus control of sluice gates, etc.
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