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Graham P Smith CEng FCIBSE MInstMC

Graham is a Chartered Engineer with over thirty years experience in Building Services, Controls/BMS and energy efficiency/low carbon design. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers and a Member of the Institute of Measurement and Control.


I am currently resting due to cancer, I may take up part time work with existing clients if things go well.

His early experience was with controls/BMS manufacturers; he completed an Apprenticeship with Satchwell Controls and later worked as a contracts engineer. He subsequently worked for Sauter Automation in the UK and Singapore.

Graham has over 25 years consultancy experience. He has worked for multidisciplinary consultancies such as Atkins and was a Technical Director of Jacobs. He initially specialised in controls and BMS, before becoming involved in building services and energy efficiency/low carbon design over 25 years ago.


Graham has managed building services, energy efficiency and full multidisciplinary design teams. Graham was Project Manager for the design and construction of a number of specialist buildings, including GCHQ Bude Training and Development Centre and has also managed a number of framework contracts. Experience includes airports, custodial, commercial, education (primary to university), government, healthcare, hotels, industrial, laboratories, leisure, military, manufacturing, radio/TV, rail, research, zoos, etc.

The design of energy efficient and/or low cabon services has been a key role for thirty years including CHP, Biomass, tri-generation, district heating, heat pumps, VRF, etc.

Graham has also been involved in the development and dissemination of guidance for BRECSU, ETSU, CIBSE, etc. including Technical Advisor and Principal Author/Contributor for CIBSE Guide F Energy Efficiency in Buildings, and contract author for BRECSU/DETR/CIBSE EEBPP GIR40 Heating systems and their control and GIR41 Variable flow control.

Graham has considerable experience in finding solutions for under-performing buildings. This developed from initially being tasked with solving controls problems. In many instances the controls problem turned out to be an uncontrollable system, typically boiler and chiller systems requiring hydraulic modifications to enable stable energy efficient control. On the other hand control problems can sometimes be a simple matter of the right settings. Graham once identified the solution to on-going problems within 15 minutes of arriving on site. The issues had defeated a team of consulting engineers for eighteen months. The solution was zero cost, solved a 25% increase in energy consumption in the previous year and the cost of a proposed new BMS which had previously been considered necessary to resolve the issues.

Recently Graham was asked to resolve similar problems with CRAC units on two sites, on one effective commissioing of the P&I control loops soon resolved the issues, on the other the system was uncontrollable and had to be replaced. Another recent project was resolution of problems with a 1MW Biomass boiler, part of a 5.5MW district heating scheme. Some relatively simple hydraulic modifications and changes to the control strategy enabled the system to work as intended and for the overall project to be accepted.

'Expert' reports have been written by Graham for a number of projects addressing technical and commercial issues. A sucessful defence was developed on one project from 36 boxes of consultants files.

Recent projects have been the design of mechanical services for a military medical centre, mechanical services for a Code 4 dwelling, the BMS and associated works for a large complex Low Carbon Hotel, technical authoring for a renewables publication and a controls guide, VAV and other systems for a Middle-East airport development, meter installation cost report, design review for a 37,000 sqft office block, design and specification of BMS for nine leisure centres, CHP system design, specification of controls/BMS for a number of schools, BMS design and specification for a large healthcare complex, BMS review and approvals for a major transport hub, redesign of a number of Biomass systems to ensure controllability and biomass boiler utilisation, design of new biomass installations, etc. Graham has also recently been involved on-site in resolving commissioning issues in a large aerospace composite manufacturing facility in Germany. A number of military projects have recently also been completed. Recent clients include Atkins, BSRIA, BSE3d, Hazelvine, Mitie, NG Bailey, the Carbon Trust and Services Design Solution.

Graham enjoys a ‘hands on’ role ensuring that all relevant technical issues are fully understood by all parties and that a robust, pragmatic, energy efficient and low carbon solution is achieved.
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