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Graham Smith has been involved in a number of publications including the following:
November 2015: Biomass Heating - Common problems and their resolution:
Please see attached paper addressing some of the common issues with biomass systems
Adobe Acrobat document [234.2 KB]
CIBSE AM15 Biomass Heating
Graham was involved in the development of this application manual for over three years and is a contributing author with acknowledgement for his valuable input on controls and controllability of biomass heating installations.
CIBSE AM15 2014 Biomass heating.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [9.0 MB]
EEDAL 15 Tapping into energy and CO2 savings in EU households through the use of building automation technology
Paper by Paul Waide, Jim Ure & Nadia Karagianni, Graham Smith, Bill Bordass.
Adobe Acrobat document [732.9 KB]
CIBSE JOURNAL DECEMBER 2013 Multi Boiler Control
This considers traditional multi-boiler (sequence) controls and their limitations and highlights the advantages of heat load control.
Case Study Multi-boiler Controls - CIBS[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]
Scope for energy and CO2 savings in the EU through building automation technology
Graham Smith was co-author with Paul Waide, Bill Bordass and Jim Ure. The report is wide ranging and considers many issues key to the success of commercial and domestic control/building automation systems and their future potential.
Adobe Acrobat document [3.2 MB]

CIBSE Journal December 2012 - Burning Issues The safe and efficient design of Biomass heating systems. Graham was one of the authors of this article by the authors of CIBSE AM15l.

CIBSE Journal December 2011 Taking Control
This primarily considers system controllability - which is why many systems and buildings do not work properly. The original title was Controllability - the Achilles' Heel? The printed article had a number of diagram reproduction errors and some captions that were not appropriate. These have now been corrected in the on-line version.
December 2011 _ Taking control - CIBSE J[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [4.8 MB]

CIBSE Guide (F) – Energy efficiency in buildings 1998 – Graham was one of the Technical Advisers and Principal Authors and Contributors for the first edition of this guide

DETR/CIBSE EEBPP GIR 40 Heating systems and their control
Graham Smith was contract Author
This guide is still in use over 20 years after publication, this version has a few additional notes to update some items
Adobe Acrobat document [369.2 KB]
DETR/CIBSE EEBPP GIR 41 Variable flow control
Graham Smith was contract author for this guide.
GIR41 Variable Flow Control - 1997 Repri[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [11.2 MB]

Energy Efficiency Office/BRECSU – GPG71 Selecting air conditioning systems – Joint Contract Author

Energy Efficiency Office/BRECSU – GPG71 Selecting air conditioning systems
Graham Smith was joint Contract Author for this guide
GPG 71 selecting AC.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [572.0 KB]

DoE/ETSU EEBPP Good Practice Case Study 337 – Low cost speed reduction by changing pulley size - Contract Author

GIR40, GIR41, GPG71 and GPCS337 are now out of publication but are now being made available to CIBSE members on their website.

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