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  • Ad-Hoc Advice - If it has anything to do with building performance, building services, energy efficiency, controls, controllability or BMS we can probably assist, or point you in the right direction.
  • Audits - Energy Audits and Surveys, Condition Reports, Asset Surveys, etc.
  • Basis of Design - we have experience of defining a wide range of project types, from BMS upgrades through to specialist buildings.
  • Biomass - system design, controllability, operational analysis/reports, redesign and recommendations.
  • BMS & HVAC Control - design, specification, selection, analysis, reports, advice, advanced data analysis, etc.
  • Building Services - design of controllable energy efficient systems, analysis of system problems and uncontrollable systems, reports, hydraulic design of boilers, chillers, CHP systems, community and district heating schemes, etc.
  • Controllability Reviews - Controllability is poorly understood and a few hours spent on an independent review can make all the difference between a building that works and one that doesn't.
  • Commissioning - development of commissioning strategies, analysis of commissioning results, witnessing, etc. Development of  recommissioning and continous commissioining strategies, etc.
  • Data Analysis - analysis of data from BMS to optimise energy efficiency, check plant operation, etc.
  • Reports/Expert Reports - provision of reports on technical and contractual issues associated with Building Services.
  • Integration of Low Carbon Technologies - we have extensive experience of Biomass, CHP, District and Community Heating, Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps, Heat Recovery, VRF, VRV, Solar, Tri-generation, etc. and their effective integration into building services.
  • Problem Resolution - we are often called in to resolve issues with existing systems.
  • Project Management - experience includes project management ranging from specialist research projects through to overall management of the design and construction of specialist government buildings. We can also assist main contractors in managing M&E services.
  • Variable flow systems - design and specification of systems for building services and other applications.
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