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Why use our services?

  • In 1994, BRECSU General Information Report 40 identified that 90% of systems were not properly controlled costing £500million in additional energy costs; this is still reported as a fact in current Carbon Trust Publications.
  • Recent experience has highlighted that many systems are still poorly controlled and/or uncontrollable. This has been reported at recent CIBSE national conferences.
  • Modern boilers, chillers and other plant can require significantly different control strategies for energy efficient operation; these are often ignored, or poorly understood, resulting in greater energy use and carbon emissions.
  • Increasing energy efficiency and carbon reduction targets, including the Building Regulations Part L.
  • A controllable solution often has little or no capital cost penalty, yet can offer energy, carbon, maintenance and cost savings throughout the life of the system.
  • We have over 30 years of specialist experience from a wide range of projects.
  • Experience ranges from detail design of BMS through to overall project management of construction projects.
  • Considerable in-depth experience of system design for controllability and appropriate control strategies.
  • We have experience of projects in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Far East.
  • Graham Smith is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers and a Member of the Institute of Measurement and Control. He has been appointed as an Associate of BSRIA and has undertaken works for other leading bodies including The Carbon Trust, BRE, CIBSE, etc.
  • Such experience is rarely, if at all, available in large consultancies, manufacturers, systems integrators, etc.
  • Independent advice, from a few hours for a controllability review on a small building, to longer term agreements.
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